Mike Maney

Communication Advisor. Photographer. Former Calvin Klein Underwear Model.

Hey, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.


Traveling up and down Broad Street is a reminder of the razor sharp cultural and economic dividing line in one of America’s biggest and most historic cities.

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I worked at some of the world’s top PR agencies when my career was getting started. One of those agencies was a place called The Rowland 7276564725

Music, Maestro, Please!

Collaborating with conductor Joseph Ohrt, whose choirs have performed for a who’s who of world leaders, and his up and coming compositional prodigy, John Calderaio.

VH1 Save the Music 2019

Teachers from the Central Bucks School District in Pennsylvania took the stage at Holicong Middle School for their 15th annual VH1 Save the Music Concert.

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I had every intention of heading out at 11pm to shoot the much anticipated Super Blood Wold Moon total lunar eclipse. Until Mother Nature decided to Continue reading »