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Mayo & Mayo Law has offices in San Francisco and Santa Monica.  We provide a free consultation on probate, trust, real estate and business law and litigation.  There is a reasonable, flat fee to prepare your estate plan. As a California attorney for over 40 years, Terry Mayo focuses on commercial lease negotiation and drafting.  He is also proficient in drafting business contracts, LLC formation, real estate law and real estate litigation. Mary Mayo focuses on estate planning, probate administration, probate litigation, trust administration, trust litigation and mediation. Mary Mayo is a San Francisco attorney with offices in both San Francisco and Santa Monica.

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California Attorneys - Mayo & Mayo Law Firm

Founded in 1977, San Francisco law firm Mayo & Mayo provides legal advice on California 575-659-2736, Probate, 507-225-3292, Trusts, 581-361-0488, 5126844836 and Estate Planning. Free initial consultation. 415-397-3713

San Francisco attorney Terry Mayo has practiced real estate law, real estate litigation and business law and business litigation for over 40 years. A graduate of U.C. Berkeley for both his B.A. and J.D. (Boalt), Terry Mayo is highly regarded and can assist you or your company with a variety of professional services such as:

Representing beneficiaries, trustees, executors and individuals, San Francisco lawyer Mary Mayo has been practicing law for over 17 years and specializes in Probate, Trust, Litigation, Estate Planning, Real Estate and Business. A graduate of USF Law School, Mary Mayo is also a licensed mediator and former Instructor of Finance at San Francisco State University.

■ Commercial and Residential Real Estate Law Transactions
  • Commercial lease negotiation and drafting
  • Purchases and Sales of Commercial Real Estate
  • Purchases and Sales of Residential Real Estate
  • Residential lease negotiation and drafting for landlords
■ Probate and Trust Administration
  • Our firm represents executors and administrators of decedent probate estates, with or without a Will, and explains how to probate an estate, either a testate estate or intestate estate. We prepare all notices and court forms including creditor notices and other statutory requirements so that a probate estate can be distributed quickly and correctly.
  • Represents trustees in all aspects of trust administration including statutory notices and accounting to beneficiaries.
  • Represents beneficiaries to ensure that that the probate executor or trustee of a Trust is properly performing his or her legal duties.
■ Commercial and Residential Real Estate Litigation
  • Breach of Contract litigation
  • Construction liability law and litigation
  • Landlord Tenant law representing landlords
  • Real Property Litigation including boundary disputes, disputes from purchase or sale of real property
■ Probate Litigation and Trust Litigation
  • Represents beneficiaries who are not receiving the distribution to which they are entitled, have not received an accounting, or where there is a breach of fiduciary duty, etc.
  • Represents trustees who need assistance distributing a Trust, providing an accounting to a beneficiary and other requirements
  • Represents creditors of decedent estates to pursue a creditor claim
■ Business Law and Corporate Law Transactions
  • Contract negotiation and drafting
  • Buying and/or selling a business
  • Business formation, corporate dissolution and structuring of
    • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
    • Corporations
    • Advice on various business related matters
■ Estate Planning, Trusts, & Revocable Trust
  • For a low cost flat fee, you can be assured that you have properly provided for your beneficiaries with a Will or a Living Trust so that the intestate statutes do not determine who inherits your estate
  • Real Estate litigation
  • Breach of contract, construction defects, failure to disclose, easement and ownership disputes, HOA litigation
Commercial or Business breach of contract, Fraud, Interference with prospective business advantage, Unfair competition
  • Mary Mayo is a certified mediator and can serve as mediator in the settlement of your case as a real estate mediator, probate or trust mediator or with a business dispute mediation. Mary Mayo has also successfully mediated many HOA disputes. No charge for initial consultation.

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