Lucus Labs, LLC
Technology Investments, Research and Development


Artificial Intelligence

As one of our primary focuses, Lucus Labs prides itself on developing & utilizing the latest in A.I. technologies.

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Internet of Things

A connected world empowers us to get more out of life and the everyday objects around us.



Technologies such as blockchain present companies and the world over with a new paradigm in the way we design applications.

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  • The Fore-front of Design & Technology

    Our portfolio consists of cutting edge technologies and companies that are devoted to developing ground-breaking products and solutions that empower our users to do more with less.


  • Multi-Purpose User Centric Design

    Unlike our competition, Lucus Labs keeps the users in mind throughout every step of new product development. It is our intention to make their lives simpler through advanced technologies without introducing complexity.


  • Made with Love

    All products and technologies developed at Lucus Labs and by our portfolio companies are 100% tested in-house before releasing them to the public. This allows us to guarantee dependability in everything we do.

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