The nose knows.

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Target was targeted by cybercriminals.


This may not be a very good idea.

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And when would the EU have reacted?


Jason can swim much better than Earl can.

We're spontaneous.

I'm very shocked.

May I talk with you for a moment?

A crowd collected to watch the fight.

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I have to go to the mosque.

Gill is drenched.

The dog is jumping.

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That's intriguing.

Can you recommend a hotel?

I find that I get the best flavor by grinding fresh peppercorns.

I'm really looking forward to my birthday party.

Many people, especially older ones, were very disapproving of Elvis Presley's suggestive hip movements during his stage performances.


I have no words to thank you.


His permanent tooth is coming in behind his baby tooth.


I miss my children.

We rented that house, not because we were pleased with it, but because it was near the station.

Dimetry has been dreaming.


Let's wait till we get to Boston.

The two of them are in the room.

You can't be too careful in situations like this.

I've been unable to contact Sal.

Dan left the key in the ignition.


Polar bears live in the Arctic.

Randy lost the bet.

I suspect you're right.


Don't bring too much clothing when you travel.

Have these cakes.

Work hard, or you'll have to take the same course again next year.


The cowboys rode into an unknown town.


Her smile made her look even more beautiful.

Even gods die when no one believes in them any longer.

You're hideous.

We have to get a new one.

I have absolutely no memory of what happened.


Many Persian words exist in Turkish.

I am Iranian.

Please don't tell Shawn what I just told you.


Mr Johnson ran fastest of the three.

I still like to do that sometimes.

I don't want to hear about her.


I saw many signs written in Chinese in the meeting room.


I think it necessary that you should do your duty.


That settles that.

Why don't you just let Stanley help?

I love the outdoors, but I hate bugs.

Frederick gets up before dawn most mornings.

I'm sure that our team will win.

There's something I want to share with you.

I myself am to blame for my own mistakes, no one else.

We should get out of here as fast as we can.

I need to get a stamp.


You run very fast.

This poem is composed of three verses, each of which has five lines.

I think it would be fun.


I'm dying for a cold drink.

I gave my word to Markus that I wouldn't do that.

You're losing perspective.


We hoped she would win.

Would you do me a favor?

It feels like it's going to absorb you into another world.

She wants to attend the party.

Carl has never talked about it.

Rome's destiny was to conquer the world.

Poverty is the root of all evil.

They need customers.

He was far from thankful to his former teacher.

Roger traveled from town to town in the west.

I dealt him a blow on the ear.

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Why are these people here?

So why are you doing this?

He is the novelist whom I admire most.

At the sight of cooked snails, Jane turned pale.

I got up and Sridharan did the same.

The rich need me, the poor have lots of me, and if I eat it I will die. What am i?

The lawyer recommended his client to take legal action.


Can I bum a cigarette off you?

She looked as if she had ill for a long time.

He's asking you to help him.

Christianity is a powerful force. That, for example, protestant missionaries come back home from Asia unconverted - that is a great accomplishment.

I thought you said we weren't going to do that.

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Jeffie will be here by evening.

Please have pity on a poor blind man!

Nadeem returned the shirt because it was too small.

I'm sure that Len will be pleased to hear that.

They wanted to upscale their industrial power.

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The witch turned her boyfriend into a frog.

I heard they caught them.

I never should've let you go.

What the hell was that supposed to mean?

In fact, Lyndon told me you were dead.


I cannot approve your plan.

You guys are the best.

Pantelis sent a note to Rex.


Follow your dreams to the ends of the earth.

I was deeply shocked to hear of the tragic death of your beloved son.

You can't do this!


Just buy Margot some candy.

What do you have?

Will you please check to see if my order has been dealt with?

Can you find it?

He often gets angry at small things.

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Don't be selfish; there's plenty for everyone.

Don't be such a sentimental idiot.

Dan met a group of biology researchers at Princeton University.

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Your way of thinking intrigues me.


There is no distance on this earth as far away as yesterday.

Don't let them hurt Sanand.

We will keep the room warm.

Can I trust Giles?

I can make some toast if you want.

Typhoon No.9 is approaching Shikoku.

He got a good appointment.

Pamela told the police that she had seen Elsa.

This ship is not fit for an ocean voyage.

I want you to come with us.

I don't want you to ever do that again.


After breakfast, I brush my teeth.


But the case nevertheless is, that those things derive their origin from the proxysm of the crucifixion, and the theory deduced therefrom, which was, that one person could stand in the place of another, and could perform meritorious services for him.


Norma helped Scott up the stairs.


We've come home.

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Pim and Gary both wanted to be astronauts.

Sometimes first offenders are in need of help.

He won fame as a novelist.

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I wish I could speak English as fluently as you.

The public has been tremendously impressed by Moran.

I haven't seen Bill for a long time.


I almost didn't recognize you.

Jamie and Nicolo were just in time for the last train.

Could you show me where the bathroom is?

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You're my son.


You're smarter than me.

Roxane spends most of his spare time practising the guitar.

A sore back hindered me from playing tennis.

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Leslie is my assistant.


Can you translate those documents for me?

We're having a short maintenance break, we'll be back shortly!

We need to change an Internet where women are routinely harassed and threatened when they go online.


I need to study well.

I prefer the mountains to the seashore.

I do love you.


Meg is filled with excitement.


Nobody wants you to be happy.


The sky is gloomy and gray - a typical rainy-season sky.


I just got a call from them.

I wasn't asleep.

How hungry are you, Lord?