The children caught butterflies.

Don't be surprised if you get a visit from Death.


Often a change in syntax makes it easier to understand a sentence.

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It's a plant.

Srinivas began to leave.

If he keeps threatening you, then you should go to the police.

We worked for him.

Why does he still talk about the army?

You will see the difference.

Drink with me, Galen.


Claudia should've been there.


Let's take a break and drink some tea.

Is the bridge safe?

He asked me on a date.

The ice is thick enough to walk on.

Did I keep you waiting long?

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Why are you asking me about Stacey?

It might rain in the afternoon.

I asked Lewis to proofread my report.

The price of my dress' fabric is 10 Euros per meter.

What's the Italian pronunciation of this word?

Dory had no intention of doing anything he didn't want to do.

Just be patient.


I was nearly run over by a car.


I can't fathom why somebody would make something like that up.


Among his novels, I like this best.


A foolish misunderstanding severed their long friendship.


Alf thinks I'm too young.


Do you have a better suggestion?


The view of Mars through earthly telescopes suggested that all was serene.

Naresh was a friend of my father's.

Who's with him now?

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That was exciting to see.

Could you do me the courtesy of replying?

I wish Anatole could've come.

I still respect Moran.

Midterm elections are often disastrous for the parties in power.

John is more clever than Bill.

I've met Reid.


I regret eating those oysters.

The photo doesn't do us justice.

What are you going to do when you graduate?


I think I can keep Harold from bothering you anymore.

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Sickness and health start with the mind.

Passions weaken, but habits strengthen, with age.

Hello, new timer here hailing from Canada!


When did you meet Debi's family?

I've been toiling away in the kitchen all afternoon.

I want you to talk to Shahid.


Whose money is this?

I'll be doing something else at that time.

I cut myself.

Anyone could just walk in.

He is a man of wisdom.

Ami paid for the ticket.

Why are you just standing there?


A barber is a man who shaves and cuts men's hair.

A ragged coat may cover an honest man.

He fell asleep while reading a book.


Could you please take off your sunglasses?

I wish you a happy married life!

Taro speaks English better than I do.

Helen didn't laugh at my joke.

Jarl saw it, too.

I'd like to go out stark naked in the middle of this typhoon.

Spudboy pulled into a gas station.

We've been living here since July.

There are no breakthroughs.

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I want to show you something very special.

Let go of the handle.

The economist instinctively anticipated the current depression.

Who's watching?

The brake didn't work.

Saqib heard a loud sound.

I want to talk about my loved one.

During mating season many animals exude strong fragrances.

Russ shared a room with his younger sister Malaclypse.

It is fairly safe to say that the family bound for Australia, or wherever it may be, has in its mind a vision of a nice house, or a flat, with maybe a bit of garden.

Don't you wish you lived here?

He was able to pass the difficult test.

I'd like to kiss Hy.

You're the computer expert.

Gretchen and Amigo were working together.


She goes to junior high.

What's that?

The boy captured the bird with a net.

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He lives far away from my house.


Did you move there by yourself?


Saify noticed that all the other boys were wearing neckties.

I wish I had listened to your warnings.

He likes smoking in the toilet.


Rank has its privileges.


As she watched, the birds, especially Chizuko's golden crane, looked alive in a light autumn breeze.

I look forward to meeting you again soon.

I don't know if I will have time to do it.

Chip told me that he could get us what we need.

Panos took off his tie and started unbuttoning his shirt.

This is kind of cool.

I didn't speak with them.

Can you tell me how long Clem has had this guitar?

Did you see the way he looked at me?


I can't afford $40 for one book!

This first class wine puts meat on your bones and thickens your blood.

Seenu did nothing.

We're extremely concerned.

He spoke.


I promise I won't damage anything.

Boston is a nice city.

I invented an excuse for missing the banquet.

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They closed the shop.


We'll get a keg of beer for the party.

I prefer speaking French with a native speaker.

I told her about it yesterday.

He rolled over in his sleep.

There are many places you should see in Kyoto.

There are fish that fly.

She is attractive when she is dressed in white.

Aren't you ready?

He's very polite.

Stanley has no insurance.

Donn decided.

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He called me a stupid boy.

We're entitled to the facts.

I come inside to drink coffee.

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Jean-Pierre is still very uneasy.

It's a rented car.

Leif cracked a joke.

We have to tell Malaclypse before he hears it from someone else.

They're surprisingly good.

He frequently jumps from one topic to another while he is talking.

Are okay after yesterday's earthquake?


When it was put that clearly, I was at a loss for a response.

Could you hold this picture straight for a while?

Where did you find it, at school or at home?

Tatoeba doesn't have all the languages that I need.

The young girl was haughty to me.

Alain didn't kill anybody.

They are typical young people.

Kerry got addicted to painkillers after his accident.

Curt thanks me every day.

I'd like to ask you about him.

I wasn't the one who closed the door.

I think we'll be fine.

It's a messy situation.

This is as good place to pitch our tent as any.

Why didn't you just ask someone for directions?


Could you turn the heat down, please?

The students sat still, listening to the lecture.

Let it be.

She is a native speaker of Serbian.

I told you everything I knew last night.

I was taking a bath when you called me.

Carolyn is always looking at you.

You should do something you enjoy doing.

We want change.

I think Sandy is suggesting that we should leave.

You'll never guess.


He's a ghostwriter.


I didn't know you couldn't drive.

Piete and I were business partners.

They work for so much a week.

The faster, the better.

We got something for him.