Cristopher appears to be in a very good mood.

Jesus is not an idiot.


The children were swimming in the nude.

We should all stick together.

Damon made a dog house for Cookie.

I'm fatigued.

I could've done that by myself.

I'm ashamed to go out dressed like this.

That's so much work.

Take care of your nervous system.

The best day in one's life.

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Don't mess with Boyd.

You'd be out of your mind to go with him.

She adjusted the clock.


I enjoy talking with her.

I don't want a horse.

In Japan, I often ate okonomiyaki.

I don't even think about money anymore.

Ronni put on so much weight that he had to have his pants let out.

The dancers tripped lightly across the stage.

I answer the question.

She's the real expert.

I don't know how many minutes we've got.

We faced pressure like never before.

He is inferior to you in all respects.

There are no towels.

Can I have your telephone number?

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Roderick did not wear socks.

This is a perfect place for us to pitch our tent.

Call me what you want.

Estonia has its own hymn.

I like talking to people.

Not being careful of his health, he fell ill.

There's nothing else to say.

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Give me some details.

Sabrina wasn't born blind.

Ping pong is also called table tennis.

Rodent was suddenly overcome by a great weariness.

Laurie is a beautiful girl.


You're slower than a villain's horse.

Find out what kind of a person he is.

What's not fair?


They dashed water into my face.


I love dogs so I often go to the park with my dog.

Do you think Lar is attractive?

Val isn't up yet.

There's no way to save everybody.

She is open to people who have a different point of view.

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No one was liked by everyone yet.

Phillip is on a mission.

Roland had the right idea.

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You should have told him about it while he was here.


She boiled over with rage at his betrayal.


Does there need to be a goal?

"You're very welcome" replied the steward.

No rights reserved.

I'm just a twenty-something in search of something that doesn't exist.

Father is reading the newspaper now.

She cut her hand with a knife.

We usually go out for drinking parties.

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She is fluent in English and French.


Maybe Rolf was the one who stole your bicycle.

Martha's proposal is worth considering.

You need to pay attention.


I thought Gunnar would go to Boston to see Edwin.

I want to know the details.

She has a high grade of intelligence.

Gerald sat next to me.

He admitted his mistakes.

Clem was killed instantly.

Susan almost passed out.

Do you remember your grandfather?

It's like I was talking to a wall.


She is dressed like a bride.

Spass gave his dog something to eat.

As soon as we find out anything, we will contact him.


Hotta loves Scotchmen.


I never even knew you cared about me.


I just want to have a look around.

Antonella spilled red wine all over Tanaka's white dress.

Ignorance of the law excuses no man.

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Let's get you fixed up with a drink.

I'm taking the minivan.

How is Null expressed as a regular expression?


He came hoping to see you.


I can't wait to see him.

Where's this from?

It's been five years since my father passed away.

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That old tradition has disappeared.

You've been paid.

What's your favorite thing about Hawaii?

Narendra didn't hit Emmett.

The man was drunk as a mouse.

What is Blayne's shoe size?

By his first wife the peasant had a daughter called Elsa, a good quiet girl, who only wanted to live in peace, but this her stepmother would not allow. She beat and cuffed the poor child from morning till night.

How much do you know about her?

Could you get me a glass of water, please?


The thief is certain to be caught eventually.

The man who makes but one mistake a year because he makes but two decisions is wrong fifty per cent of the time.

How many museums are there in Oslo?


Markus is shorter than Mario.

Liisa eschews public attention.

This person is your slave, right?


Get a chair for Miek, would you?

Alan had a very long day.

"You know a kid called Megumi Noda, right?" "Noda?" "Makes weird sounds like 'Hagya', 'Fugi'"


Curt and Robbin have actually never been on a date yet.


The drinks are complimentary.


It's too good to be true.

If I eat too much chocolate, I break out in pimples.

Let's call a bus.

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I'm not asking them to forgive me.

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Yoko danced with a grace that surprised us.


Who was in the car?

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Changes are taking place.

Is it true that you're Kelvin's sister?

Thanks to the development of agricultural science, world food production has managed to keep up with population growth - but only at the expense of the future.

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In England spring really begins with the first of May.

The Japanese yen rose.

It's time to talk.

Dan didn't even make it through the front door.

The police arrested the man who had murdered the girl.

Perhaps our emotions make us who we are.

Venkata kissed Hy on her forehead.


We are going to watch a film this evening.

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Stacey didn't have time to eat lunch.

Whatever happens, we need to stay together.

My problem is that I'm always hungry.

The cherry is now in full bloom.

You make mistakes if you do things in a hurry.


She didn't buy anything from the store.

It's worth a closer look.

She hushed her baby to sleep.

I am able to fix the sink this afternoon.

You've made him angry.

They're smart.

Marie is a janitor at the school where Gypsy teaches.


I just need a little air.

They never caught her.

What do we need to do?

They needed jobs and training.

We've all done things we're ashamed of.

The flag of the Czech Republic is almost the same as that of the Philippines.

When you feel tired, there is nothing like taking a bath.

You're lucky you're a boy.

Ten minutes' walk brought me to the station.


Herbert wasn't wearing a life jacket.

What she says is the pure truth.

The traveler was delighted at the sight of a light in the distance.

That's my pussy.

Tony and his mother arrived at the farmhouse and walked through the farmyard.

Neil can't buy a car.

I'm going hunting.

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Don't understand a thing.

You said it would rain and sure enough it did.

I'd like to ask Heinz a few questions if I may.

They shouted at the top of voices.

That could solve a lot of problems.

He got up an hour early this morning.

Could you be more specific?