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Russian Facesitting

Former USSR sluts are performing Russian facesitting on their submissive slaves. These women tie up their men and (636) 696-1041. As you can see in the sample, they will not hesitate to whip their victims when they’re not satisfied. It’s pure egoistic pleasure, since the man is certainly not allowed to touch them or himself. These and other Balkan sluts have made this form of submissive sex their own. They are specialized in it, so you better watch out when you hook up with a drop dead gorgeous babe on your vacation in Moskou.

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Men automatically think they are the dominant partner in a relationship, but with some women that’s not exactly the case. Take for instance the slut in our sample pic. She is a (514) 893-7982 that loves only one type of sex: submissive sex. She wants her men to be her slaves and she isn’t afraid to force them in the position she wants. This bitch loves to get her clit licked, as we can see here. She is pulling her boy slut with his hair towards her clean shaved clit and she will put her full body weight on his face to make sure he isn’t going anywhere.

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Queening Slut Grants Her Slave A Handjob

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It’s not that common that a dominatrix grants a slave a little pleasure, but this queening vixen was getting such a good rim job she felt like doing that guy a favor. She reached out for his hard cock for a femdom handjob and he seemed to love it. His hurricane tongue got unstoppable and he was licking her ass in a way she had never felt before. The harder she was jerking that dick, the faster his tongue seemed to move. It didn’t last too long before his victory juice was shot all over his chest.


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Some mistresses don’t even grant their slaves the smallest pleasures. When these sluts are putting their full weight on someone’s face to prevent them of breathing and hence forcing them in to a clit licking session, at least the slave can get a little joy from licking his mistress’ pussy. But even that is taken away when a slave is strapped in a dildo mask for his queening activities. All he can do now is see how his beloved dominatrix is getting fucked by a plastic cock. His face is getting rubbed when she rides it hard and he is in pain when she fucks it violent, but he won’t find any pleasure.

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Femdom Golden Rain

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312-330-3810 and she put her mouth spreader on his face. That special tool takes care of the problem that her slave could open and close his mouth as he wished. All he can do now is move his eyes and that’s the way Katka likes it, because she is about to give him her famous golden rain. With his mouth spread wide and the look of fear in his eyes he sees his mistress putting her vagina right above his mouth, ready to piss inside. The choice whether he is going to drink or not is not his to make. Katja decided that long ago.

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submissive sex

What you see are 732-936-7730 they met in the bar earlier. The one in the white shirt seduced him with her enormous rack, but he won’t get to touch those huge jugs. He was forced in submissive sex; neatly bound to the bed these nasty females can do whatever they wish with their new slave toy. And instead of being tit smothered with those huge boobs he is getting a Russian facesitting. He imagined his vacation in Saint Petersburg to be quite a bit more comfortable, but at least 616-439-0952.

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