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Women after their exhumation of a skeleton, from ‘Death Rituals in rural Greece’ by Danforth and Tsiaras.

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Muslim cemetery, Essex, England. Death the great leveller.

urn and olive tree

One option. What do we think?

The Corpse Project is asking how we might deal with our bodies after death in a way which helps the living and the earth. Could our health and well-being, our acceptance of death and our peace during our lives be helped by having  better options for our bodies? Could the earth’s land and soil benefit from our bodies more than it does with deep burial?

What do people know and think about the different options? Can you choose ones which are good for the earth and also give us good rituals and ways of saying goodbye in the 21st century?

Is burial better than cremation or does it depend on what exactly we do? Could we have the best from each tradition and less of what people tend not to like, from the scary semi-religiosity of a crematorium to the deep burial of a cemetery?

A hundred years ago, cremation was still controversial. Now we have new technologies such as dissolving the body, as well as new takes on burial and cremation to think about. The Corpse Project is here to make sense of it, see what is possible and find ways of helping people make the right choices for them.

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