Next Generation, Token-Based Securities Launchpad + Exchange

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Next Generation Securities Token Launchpad + Exchange

A Securities Token Offering (STO) is a new and SMARTER way to raise capital and attract investors – contrary to other crypto investment solutions, STOs are completely regulated, asset-backed, and secure.
Robin8X accelerates your path to a security token offering. We make it easy for you to launch your STO through our security token generator and smart contract Blockchain platform.
And once your STO has launched, you can list on any STO exchange including our exchange. The Robin8X exchange is designed for alternative assets and token-based securities allowing a regulated secondary market. Also for exchange operators, you can start your own STO exchange utilizing our whitelabel securities exchange software and APIs.
Using Blockchain technology, Robin8X will add the efficiency and power of this new technology for the benefit of entrepreneurs, token issuers and investors. Robin8X believes that the tokenization of everything is quickly becoming a reality that is enabled by Blockchain technology and the recent changes in SEC laws.
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A New Opportunity

Recent changes in the security exchange laws have opened the opportunity for companies worldwide especially small companies to access capital. One of the most important is the Jobs Acts of 2015 and the introduction of Reg CF and Reg A+. Securities Token Offering (STO) is the next evolution of the marketplace that will offer efficiency, potential liquidity and access to capitals through the technology breakthrough of Blockchain.
Robin8X is building a security exchange platform that will make use of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology that meets the requirements of security regulators and support all the appropriate licenses.
Using Blockchain technology, Robin8X will add the efficiency and power of this new technology for the benefit of entrepreneurs, token issuers and investors. Robin8X believes that the tokenization of everything is quickly becoming a reality that is enabled by Blockchain technology and the recent changes in SEC laws.

Together making a more reliable, reputable,
and sustainable future for the cryptocurrency community.

Robin8X STO Launchpad

Our global team of blockchain experts and developers, bankers, lawyers, and marketers have created the very first full-service STO Launchpad. Everything is ready and in place to help companies create and launch STOs.

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A Smarter Way to Raise Capital

Through our proprietary technology and strategic partnerships, Robin8X offers an innovative solution for companies of all sizes to raise capital and attract investors while leveraging blockchain technology.

Why is this smarter?  STOs give companies access to capital and enables secondary liquidity for investments that would traditionally be illiquid.  Additionally, STOs are a more reliable, transparent, and efficient fundraising solution.

Together, we will shape a healthier, more reliable, reputable and sustainable future for the crypto community worldwide.

Robin8X STO Launchpad

The Robin8X STO Launchpad is a user-friendly process to guide companies through the creation and successful launch of raising money via a securities token offering.

Our team partners with lawyers, bankers, and marketers to provide hands-on consultancy for your full spectrum STO creation and launch needs, including whitepaper creation, marketing, community marketing, legal (appropriate filings and SEC compliance and rules are followed), and tokenomics (supply, hard cap/soft cap, etc.).

From token strategy, creation, listing, marketing, and more, Robin8X is the most experienced, full-service STO launch provider.

Token Comparison: Securities vs. Utility

The crypto world continues to have some grey areas which can impact the credibility and security of raising money through Utility tokens. Utility tokens are not backed by assets, are not regulated by the SEC, and may have questionable value.

Securities Tokens, on the other hand, are regulated by the SEC and are legal, have actual value, and are backed by real assets: real estate and commodities (units to tokens) as well as capital markets and equity funds (shares to tokens).

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Frequently asked questions

Click below to get answers to common questions and if your question is not answered please 973-264-9646.

STO stands for a security token offering. The STO is emerging as a powerful and valuable alternative to private equity and venture capital financing for companies globally.
Yes, foreign companies can do a STO and file with the United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).
Robin8X partners with lawyers, bankers and marketers to provide hands-on consultancy to the full spectrum of business needs, including whitepaper, marketing, community marketing, legal and tokenomics.

We also provide Marketing and PR strategic support for go-to-market launch and beyond as well as strategy, design and technical development services to power product(s) launch.

Yes, Robin8X also licenses our exchange software to clients and exchange operators to digitalize assets and create token-based securities. If you are an exchange operation or a bank, registered broker dealer or ATS with the proper licenses and want to set up your own exchange, we can provide you the full-stack software to launch your own crypto or token-based security exchange. Our solution can be customize to fit your business needs so you can quickly get up and running.

Robin8X Whitelabel Exchange Software includes:

- the ability to created token-based securities, cryptocurrencies or other digital assets
-a smart contract and token creation platform
- same top security audited used by the world’s leading banks and financial institutions
- dashboard and workflow
- customizable solution to fit your front end
- partnerships with KYC and AML credited investor checks
- flexible modules to customize according your business needs

Robin8X can help you launch your STO. Our team can guide you in launching your STO and connect you with the right resources for a successful STO from the strategy, marketing, legal, tokenomics, and more.
Step 1: Knowledge transfer
Step 2: Concept and business idea design, tokenomics, legal consultation, business incorporation
Step 3: Deck and whitepaper drafting, reviewing, translation, etc.
Step 4: Determine which filing(s) (Reg CF, D, S and A+) is best for your needs.
Step 5: Creation of website, marketing collaterals, video, one pagers, banners, social media channels.
Step 6: Smart contract and token creation
Step 7: PR and marketing, media training

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