I've got nothing against waiting, but after two hours I'm feeling understandably a bit impatient.

I hope we beat him.

Vern sent his mother some flowers on Mother's Day.

I think I can answer that.


The modifications are complete.

You have two books?

We sell shoes.

How can Thuan do that?

I do not know what you want from me.

I can't tell you what we did last night.

"Novels? I hate novels." Oh muse, forgive her blasphemy.


I regret nothing of my life.

This lady is old and crazy.

She is able to grasp the situation.

Siping was as nervous as Nicolette was.

Can you do anything about it?


That's the end of that.

She went out of the room.

We saw what looked like an oasis in the desert.

Are these the only ones you have?

There was nothing for us to do.


I'm very interested in the job.


I never disagree with Irwin.

I think he is a doctor.

You don't need my approval.

She sat surrounded by her children.

How do you like this whisky?

Delbert's eyesight isn't as good as it used to be.

I've told you a zillion times not to do that.

I'm part of the committee that's looking into that problem.

Has Norbert ever been violent with you before?

Julius wanted a tattoo that meant "Love and Fidelity", but it really means "Stupid Foreigner" in Chinese.

The principal called the teachers into his office.

I have to ask you about Shaw.

She came to Tokyo with a view to getting a new job.

Think what you want about Mac; he's still one of the greatest.

In the end, they approved the proposal.


I didn't think Ross was that fat.

A dolphin is a kind of mammal.

Trent interrupted Oscar.

The boy is still sleeping.

An old tree provides shade.

They play basketball.

It is way more effective to study foreign languages in a class than to do so by yourself.

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Lately I read the book that changed my insight into many things.

I am interested in English.

He's so arrogant!

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We'll take care of that later.

She looks like a monkey.

I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do.

It cost a lot more than I expected.

Tad doesn't look too well.

There are very few Native Americans in Managua.

It wasn't a good experience.

You're in serious trouble.

I'd really love to meet her.

Your new dress suits you very much.

Is Loukas a bad guy?

I think about her every day.

The main streets are very wide.

Someone's eating.

They sat down at every other desk.

I'm sure that Theodore will do very well.

It is by no means certain.

Do you have mobile phones?

A doctor was called in right away.

I know that John is honest.

Donovan has never called me.

How do I get to the train station?

Was the FBI involved?

Has the bell rung yet?

I have a confession.

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I think we should go home right away.

We spent our holiday exploring rural France.

Let me introduce you to a new way of doing that.

He was listening to music in his room.

Do you still need me?

They consider it a mistake for Jim to travel alone in Africa.

They must be replaced.


I wish I had my own studio.

Such magazines have a great influence on children.

I had no time to eat.

There's no damage.

You're supposed to be there now.

He's a Parisian.

What'd the doctor say?

They are still looking for the criminal.

Everyone laughs at someone who makes a mistake.

He hasn't said so explicitly, but he's let it be understood that I was lying.

At what time is sunrise?

He was searching for something in the dark.

He gave us an explanation about the new billing system.

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The students ran out through the door.


The tall man laughed obnoxiously.

Sergio sings quite well.

Arthur died three weeks later.

What is it exactly?

Loukas is as healthy as ever.

Ron was sent to his room, because he made his sister cry.

That's an option.

Please look at the pamphlet for the details.

He always eats eggs without salt and pepper.

Saify bought an expensive Christmas present for himself.

Louie woke in a stupor after a night of heavy drinking.

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Some people prefer to live by the moment.


Allen is the frontman of the band.

He was open to a different way of thinking.

This street will come alive with shoppers on Saturday.

There were no customers, so we closed the shop early.

Yesterday afternoon I did my homework, then I saw my friends.


What does he see in her?


Having done my homework, I had a chat with Mum.

Marci has downloaded a GPS tracking app onto Andre's mobile phone so that he can know where she is at all times.

Muslims adhere to the teaching of the prophet Mohammed.

I love you all.

He will be able to hand in his report tomorrow.

I wish I hadn't lied to Brandon.

If you want, we can talk later.


It's routine procedure.


Niels told me he loves me.

Karen didn't know what he was doing.

My boycott of Italian television starts now.


It's a three-ring circus in this place.


This letter was full of mistakes because it had been written too hastily.

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Stop beating a dead horse.


I'll vouch for Philip.


Some children dislike school.

They don't know what they should do with the money.

Have you ever switched on all the lamps of your house?


I think Hamilton has been here already.

Could I get my ring back?

I think we all have a chance.


Why did you let Jennie go?

You don't give up too easily, do you?

I wouldn't want to sully your good name.

I can't believe that you kissed Bradford.

I'll see you when I get there.

I've had a headache since yesterday.

Bring Himawan inside.

Jelske was never able to tell Yvonne that he loved her.

Do you want to go to a movie?

They continued working.

The engine was running.

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Would you mind if I ask why not?

It'll get warmer soon.

Should spending time abroad be made an integral part of every child's education?


We think we solved your problem.


I had been reading a letter when he came in.


Tatoeba has lots of sentences, and hundreds or even thousands more are added every day.

He earns his bread as a writer.

I would like to think hard about it first.

Sho isn't my sister.

I want to quit my current job.

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Panacea has endured a lot.


Where do comets come from?

This is something special.

I was surprised by the news this morning.

Tell her how you're feeling.

There was nothing wrong with their ability, it was just that the expense for each unit was so vast that the cost performance was bad.


It's a nice day, isn't it? Why not go out for a walk?

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She has a mysterious air about her.

Mitchell stared at Reiner for a moment.

Don't bother me any more!


Cheers! Good health!

Just let Barry go.

What's your native language? Mari? I lately discovered this language after reading the article about the Finno-Ugric languages on Wikipedia. These languages have a very interesting history.