Two funny broads. Two hundred funny concepts.

What now?

We are Gina Datres and Lisa Hanington. We have no shortage of funny content, and also no time to make it happen.

So what now? A website based on the greatest ideas that simply never happened.

If we could somehow capture and package the incredible ideas, plans, writings, etc. about stuff we really will never have time to execute, couldn’t that itself be brilliant?

Yes, it could be.

2 Cool Broads*

We are Gina Datres and Lisa Hanington, and we create comedy every time we get together to watch a live show. Together we have seen Brian Regan, Chris Rock, Jim Florentine, DL Hughley, Gad Elmaleh, Artie Lange, Joel McHale, and Bill Burr, Nick Swardson, and Louie Anderson to name a few. Our finest moments have happened when we had the opportunity to interact with the comedians either on stage or in person after the show. We share our stories here, and hope you find them as funny as we do. We will continue to post as long as we continue to watch comedy together, creating some of the funniest moments of our lives.

*We were officially ordained “2 Cool Broads” by comedian Joe Bartnick after Gina tweeted him that we enjoyed his show with Bill Burr and we “were not offended.” Rhanks, Joe.