Site Redesign

After years of having a terrible website, it's time for a change. I'm finally moving away from advertising for a web design business that never went anywhere, from poor coding, ugly colors, and outdated information. I may be exaggerating on the outdated information part.

My goal for this new site is for it to act as my communication gateway. If there is something I want to talk about, it will be in the blog. I may add a video section if I feel like delving into the Youtube API, but that is currently more effort than I want to put into a simple web site that only about 10 people will ever use.

For those curious about why they can log in with Facebook, that is for comments on the blog. Next, you are probably asking "What comments on the blog?". Don't worry, I'll get to it eventually.

For now, pardon my mess. Things are still changing. Improvements will come in time.

- Luke