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I chanced to see her on the street.

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He's giving it a go.

You can do that, can't you?

What else can you do for us?


The absence of glasses notably affects the quality of life of those who need them.

They are making preparations for the trip.

Let's make love!

Varda finally answered.

I'm a patient.

She's a plus-sized model.

They are all alike.


They forgot to wake me up.

I know several good places to eat.

Jochen heard the entire conversation.

Sam has a fish store.

The people stood on their feet and began singing.

Delivery is not included in the price.

You can probably buy one of these cheaper someplace else.

Paula was third.

He's running wild.

Linda is no ordinary man.

Kyle is still being questioned by the police.

He comes from the south.

That will be possible.

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No one noticed that Milner wasn't wearing shoes.


Asbestos is nasty stuff and it can cause lung cancer if you breathe in the dust

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You'll be missed.

The beauty of the lake was beyond description.

You will learn how to do it in time.

He doesn't just speak French, he speaks Spanish as well.

Omar is upbeat.

The telephone rang.

You're such a coward.

Do you think they noticed?

We have to use the stairs because the elevator is out of order.

He is sure to accomplish his purpose.

I expect to hear from Irfan soon.

How did you get this money?

There is a large lake near our town.

Darren told me he wanted to teach French.

She arrested the thief.


We're not children, so don't treat us like children.

I've already called.

I looked up how my blog is indexed on Google, but I only found five entries.

Lucy lost Edward.

We made quite a team.

Your problem is you don't study enough.

Do you think Clay would like this?

She has been cherishing that flower.

Many people go to church on Christmas Eve.


Giovanni liked Kurt as soon as he met her.

Do you care for classical music?

I'd forgotten how much I liked Miriamne.


It goes without saying that friendship is more important than business.

I don't want to feel that way ever again.

We haven't had a price increase in the last five years.

You look smart.

Raja doesn't want anyone to see it.


Dutch is a Low Franconian language.

He crossed his arms.

Margaret looked away and pretended to ignore Kate.

Describe a tourist attraction you would like to visit.

You know, I've never been to your house.

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I don't think you two should get married.


Travis was very poor.

Wendell doesn't really like Sergei all that much.

Bert left the knife behind.

I don't even have a job.

That was Philippe's idea, not mine. Don't blame me.

It will do harm to us.

We have nothing to apologize for.


What do you think of our website?

Her cheeks were tinged with pink.

He had the sensation that he was still on the waves.


Ethan hasn't bought one yet.

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Are you sure you don't want to use the toilet before you go?


Check back for details.


I'd be happy to sing for you.


I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect.

I'm not calling him.

An old friend of mine visited yesterday.


Thank you for clearing that up.

Why does luck hate her?

Please get there as soon as you can.

Brahe had a brother who grew up to serve in the government. He also had a sister that became a scientist.

That's what I'm fighting for.


Mother often makes me go shopping at the supermarket.

He often mistakes the time, and is late for his appointments.

Shean spoke impolitely.

I don't know when the party will begin.

Did Kitty break something again?


She played the piano beautifully.

I honestly think it's better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate.

He is always full of power.

Seven years after his death, they discovered who was responsible.

Donald and Johann shook hands.

I like my job very much.

We'll be just fine.

Juergen's confusion grew.

Take this or that.

I can't do anything but obey him.

The taxi seemed to go as slowly as a snail.


Brent wants you to help him do his homework.


I will try to live up to your expectations.

People ought to have the freedom to think for themselves.

The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know.

You'd better come out here.

Francois has been lying about that.

His book became an object of criticism.

In my head it's all perfectly clear.

We're going to another party after this one.

I want to speak in German with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I hope you had a productive day.

What should he fear, who doesn't fear death?

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We could apply the theory of punctuated equilibrium to languages.

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Try this hat on and see if it fits you.

Billy is very possessive.

Raghu can wear one of my shirts.


They are very thick with our family.

I couldn't get warm enough.

">" means greater than.

The parade went through the crowd.

They tortured you.

If you didn't want to go, you should've said something.

Long on A and short on B.

He went about with a bag.

He prefers not to talk about it.

I'm not good enough for her.

We must stick together.


This year we had more snow than last year.


I appreciate anything you can do.

We have to get these people out of here.

I have two female cats.

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He's knowledgable about a variety of subjects.

It didn't matter to me.

You feel you've been treated unfairly?

Everyone was looking at you.

You should've seen him.

Amir and Lenny are eating lunch.

The alarm clock is ringing.

We want to meet them.

Do you want this or not?

I think you shouldn't invite Barrett to your party.

Amy might possibly know the answer.

You could at least buy a hybrid.

Buckle your seat belts.

We rent movies all the time.

I would give it to them.

Jesper understands.

The tape recorder was lying on the table.


Something's happened, hasn't it?

Doctors should keep abreast with all the latest developments in medicine.

I like when you kiss me on the lips. No, on the cheek.

I won't try to predict the future.

I can stay up late since I am on summer holidays.


That's as far as I got.

Something went wrong with my watch.

Can we fix this?


She was his new girlfriend.

What are you guys going to do today?

Replace the complement with the appropriate pronoun.

I miss having you around.

I could not persuade him that it was true.

Don't make a scene in public.

Aren't you glad you didn't have to go to Boston?

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Would you drink champagne?