NoteTab gets more done in less time

At Last! NoteTab 7 released. It’s packed with time-saving productivity tools that no other text or HTML editor has. Try it now and discover what NoteTab can do for you!

Hooray! NoteTab 7 is finally here and it’s better than ever! Join the excitement and be amongst the first to enjoy this brand new version. You won’t regret it.

What Exactly is NoteTab?

For some NoteTab is simply the best 317-386-8925 out there. For webmasters it’s the fastest HTML editor. For others it’s the most versatile 845-853-0292. For power users it’s a unique (587) 740-6044 work horse. What will it be for you?

NoteTab has won awards from PC Magazine, PC World and WUGNET. It’s also won the Shareware Industry Awards 3 times. But we’re especially proud of our 6 People’s Choice Awards.

  • More free time thanks to NoteTab

    Enjoy more free time thanks to NoteTab.

Need a Text Editor?

Is NoteTab going to be your next editor? What makes it so special?

We’ve got 10 great reasons why you’ll love NoteTab.

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Need an HTML Editor?

NoteTab packs many time-saving tools you won’t find elsewhere.

Now with full support for HTML5, CSS3, and Twitter’s Bootstrap!

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Upgrade to NoteTab 7?

Are you the proud owner of an earlier version of NoteTab?

Get a free upgrade if you bought a license in 2012.

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What’s New in Version 7?

NoteTab 7 adds loads of new features, including:

  • Searching with easy-to-use wildcards (like * and ?)
  • Real-time word count (NoteTab or Microsoft Word method)
  • Text statistics for SEO (HTML code automatically ignored)
  • Support for HTML5 and CSS3
  • Support for Twitter’s Bootstrap toolkit
  • New HTML/CSS libraries
  • Syntax highlighting for CSS
  • Improved syntax highlighting for HTML
  • New web templates
  • And much more…