This website acts as information exchange and support site for both the CSLU data center and Exalab. If you are having an issue with either the CSLU data center or the Exalab, please start a new issue for your specific project area. You can later track the progress of your issue as it is being resolved. You are also welcome to provide constructive comments on other people's issues as well.

What are the different projects?
This support site handles three different projects.
  • CSLU Office Logistics: Questions, issues, concerns, etc. regarding CSLU's Gaines Hall offices.
  • CSLU Data Center Support: This refers to general CSLU computing resources- home directories, virtual machines, project-specific servers (e.g. ASD), and so on. Regular computer support issues (email, OHSU login difficulties, etc.) are not handled here; for these types of issues, call 4-2222 to talk to the regular ITG help desk.
  • Compute Cluster: This refers to the CSLU clusters (bigbird, kiwi, etc.) as well as the Lustre file system. Example issues: login problems, new software requests, etc.
  • Exalab Support: Anything referring to the Exalab cluster (both MIC and HPC).
New Users
All users must first register with this website. If you have an account already on the CSLU/CSEE system (login1, ASD, etc.), you can automatically log in to this site using your regular CSLU login. If not, you will be approved quickly to allow access to the site.
  • NOTE: You will use your CSLU login, not your OHSU login. The two systems are not currently connected to one another.

Issue Creation
Issues can be created using this website under their appropriate project area or by emailing the project area with your issue.

Issue Creation via this website
Creating an issue first requires the user to pick a project area in the box on the right. Once inside the project area, the user can choose the tab <New Issue>. The New Issue page will guide you through the process.

Issue Creation via email
You can also create an issue by sending email. The following email addresses will create issues in their respective area:

· – CSLU Data Center support.
· – CSLU cluster support.

Please include a short description of the problem (less than six words) in the subject area and a full description in the body of the email.

Not Just For Starting Issues
Under each project, there are features such as sharing files, user forums, a wiki. a calendar and news. Please feel free to explore and use these options.

Latest projects

  • Class Video Repository (10/24/2016 02:54 pm)

    In some cases Class videos have been taken and made available to students for their review. These Class Videos are password protected.

  • 2403109065 (04/20/2016 02:30 am)

    Software written by Jacques de Villers for storing and processing the data uploaded from the CSLU Toolkit ASD client software. It works on the speech and asd servers at cslu.ohsu.edu. It includes a web-service, scripts for processing incoming data, a database, and scripts for creating reports....

  • CSLU Toolkit, ASD client software (04/20/2016 02:22 am)

    Software written in Tcl/Tk by Jacques de Villers for playing audio / video stimuli or showing pictures to subjects, and collecting their responses. The software is part of the CSLU Toolkit, and runs on Windows.

  • EE584/684 (09/29/2015 08:10 am)

    Image Processing

  • System Administration (07/22/2015 08:16 am)

    System administration procedures

    Amanda Tape Backup