Don't you want to know where I'm going?

She wants to go out with him.

Sugih takes a long walk along the coast every afternoon.

Lievaart has done so much.


I think that was hilarious.

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It began to rain in earnest.

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It's a necessary piece of equipment.

Do not open the present yet.

Knowledge of the self is the descent to hell which opens the way to godhood.

It isn't Len.

Pontus couldn't finish his sandwich.


Do you have problems in losing weight?

This condition created trouble.

I am not concerned with their trouble.


I'm not mad at Danny anymore.

They swam.

How did they do this?

Don't just sit there.

Don't walk away from us.


I need a little help here.


This offer is available for a limited time only.

The children should go outside and play.

Swamy was waiting.

I really hate job hunting.

Sooner or later, I'll probably get tired of doing this.

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Half of English is just bad Latin.

There are many good things in the world.

She hasn't heard the news yet.

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Her eyes remind me of a cat.


Mr White arrives in Tokyo at 10:30.

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He made her cry.

Any such objection must be referred to the chairman of the meeting, whose decision is final.

Why were you asking me all those questions about Ravi?

The injured woman was a Brazilian tourist.

Po kissed Toby and they hugged each other.

Apart from languages, I'm also interested in technology.

I didn't think Shatter was your type.


I was able to do it.

The Royal Palace is a famous historic building in Paris.

They give part of their spare time to take care of the sick.


Orville said the coffee was too hot to drink.

They're new.

This volume of ethanol cannot completely dissolve 0.5 g of the white solid.


This river is 500 miles in length.

Write to me sometimes and let me know how you are doing.

Stuart screamed for help.

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She was my first girlfriend.

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I can take a rest.


You are not jealous.

Frank did all he could to help.

If I'm lucky enough for the medicine to work I can get to sleep after 1am but if I don't take it then I can't sleep until about 4am.

They don't know what they are missing.

They hurried to the station.

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She changed her mind again, which made us all angry.

The place where a river starts is its source.

Dory's husband is rich.


Hon feels homesick.

What did Murph say when he met you?

I was there for hours.

Gerald has the knack of making people cry.

Do you see the man or the wolf?


Stephen became a hero.

Everybody likes to goof off.

Joe asked Michiel if she would teach his son French.


I have missed my train.


Nobody wanted to be poor in my country.

Many Americans love to watch reruns of the I Love Lucy show.

I told Izchak which one I like.

Did you tell the police what Elaine did?

Your father seems very friendly.

Who would've thought it possible?

I have my life savings invested in this store.

We need to make changes around here.

You found me where no one else was looking.

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Would you drink champagne?

The old people received enough care.

I'd like a copy of that document as soon as possible.

Alastair helped Suzan up.

I can't picture Randy doing that.

Did you draw that?

Cats have a dread of water.

Phase one is complete.

That's a good story.

El Carnicero harvests organs and disposes of bodies for a living, working in the shadows, unlike many of his associates.

The book is on the desk.


I'm really interested in hearing about your trip.

We all got scared.

I love you, Raphael!

Let's all pitch in and get the work done.

It seems the meeting cannot take place. Two attendees are stuck in Charles de Gaulle airport.

I think I just heard someone knocking on the door.

They rushed the bill through.

What's wrong with my sentences?

He was PK'ed, I resurrected him.

That did occur to me.

An optimist believes we are living in the best of all possible world; a pessimist tends to agree with him.

I have an experiment I need help with.

Michel keeps a pair of binoculars in the glove compartment of his car.


Could you tell me how to use the telephone?

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I think I could convince Ima to put you on the list.

The way is not for the coward but for the hero.

Is Kuldip at home?

You haven't been waiting all that long.

Andy isn't as good at speaking French as you think he is.

I am proud of my shoes.

I have a French neighbor.

Leung and Stan seem to be more than just friends.

You can ask the child who is playing over there.

Italy is a very beautiful country.

When I look back upon those days, it all seems like a dream.

Go for help.

I met them last night.


We still have quite a few more miles to go before we get there.

You are so lazy!

Are you with us or against us?


She was only half alive.


We've gotten pretty good at it.

Mwa ran out of the classroom.

How are we going to repair this?

The Norman Cob is a breed of light draft horse that originated in Normandy in northern France.

You could've come over.

This probably can be fixed.

You're limiting yourself.

I'll give you my answer tomorrow.

What's your favorite thing to have for supper?

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Judy is at a party.

By and by he forgot that affair.

You need a haircut.

She says I need a fresh start.

She's always very calm and relaxed.

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They do like Sid.


Try to get here on time tomorrow.

You don't want to go there.

This is a splendid house.

Tours are available.

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic.

Most of them just don't care.

I'm at the main lecture hall right now. Udo's already here as well.

He pretended not to be listening.

My brother sends you his warm regards.

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Woodrow Wilson was extremely sick.

You need to get some exercise, too.

Vic said that he wanted a raise.

How many sanitary towels do you need every day?

Could we have a table in the corner?


I made a mess of it.

Your services are no longer required.

Hurry up. We're about to pass that car up ahead.

I like hot springs off the beaten track.

What time do you get up in the morning?

You should build a fire under the kid.

She was dressed in rich silks.

You did this.

This is fundamentally wrong.

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Gabrielle, a striking 6'1" woman, was tired of enterprising young men asking her how the weather was up there.


Nancy wants to have nothing further to do with you.

You've gotten better.

Father ran through the paper.

Do you care for sweets?

This silverware set has been in my family for generations.

Then it draws more silky lines across these spokes, leaving a smooth, non-sticky patch in the middle of the web.

I shouldn't have told you anything.

We're not going to wait for them.

He shows warm affection for his children.