It’s been a while since I posted… so here it goes again. So I was configuring some servers and migrating this blog to AWS, which is something I wanted to do but I procrastinated it for a while because the other host was cheaper, but now it isn’t (not going to tell which company but […]



I have been playing for a long time with Arduino, Raspberry 2, and 3 (thanks Alan the Prince of Darkness for both)… Anyways, I loved both specially the Raspberry pi, however I wanted moar; so I went on to try out other flavors, raspberry pi zero, Arduino Mini, RedBoard, Galileo… and then I came across the […]

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It has been a while since I wrote anything. And then when I tried to start I realized I wanted to do something about the current template. Make it blazing fast… So I went out on the endeavor of cleaning and creating a new template, but then… why reinvent the wheel. So I found this […]

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After a lot digging around, I found out a very good book on design. Which pretty much sum two rules that can be applied to anything. When designing for something, I like a lot when the design flows through, you see lines, and you know the outcome already, and it pleases you (in some distorted […]

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You are your tools…

I will always believe that: “A handyworker is as good as its selection of tools, and his skill shows its creativity and what he can do with those tools”. Although you can always incorporate more, or learn to use new tools and do more. Same thing happens with software craftsmanship. As part of our survival […]

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After a while I couldn’t stand anymore the face of Pinal Dave on SQL Authority. I always check a specific thing that I haven’t been able to memorize…(Yes I need that memory allocation for something else, such as dialogs of Star Wars Phantom Menace PC Game) so I copied his article… but OK Pinal I’ll […]

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So I went to try to update QT by extending the packages that I will use but… POM POM POM! it did not work properly, I got the next error when trying to run the Maintenance Tool for Windows, At least one valid and enabled repository required for this action to succeed. So I added […]