Trail Runner; Trumping the road way™

"Trump" - to get the better of, to outdo,  to go beyond in action or performance, to defeat, to overcome !!
 (from Merriam Webster)

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Trail Running . . .

For some it is the pure enjoyment of the outdoors; undisturbed by the distractions of exhaust fumes & traffic.  A desire to bike, run or walk through hills or mountains, along babbling brooks or roaring streams . . . with picture perfect views!

For others it is the conquest!  How Far, How Fast, How High, How Many?

trail runner by timexMy name is Greg and my family and I love the great outdoors.  We run, hike, bike, ski and camp outdoors often.  The six of us, aged from just one decade to many, have differing needs and desires when it comes to equipment, but we do share one thing in common . . . the need to be outdoors on trails.  So much so that we purchased a company that sells specialized running, biking and walking gear to provide for our monetary needs, while allowing a great deal of flexibility to get out and enjoy the same recreational environments that are frequented by our valued customers!

A relatively new National Park (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) graces the river valley less than one mile to the east of us.  It provides challenging workouts when you repeatedly climb from river level to rim, regenerating your energy on the way back down.  Or wonderfully easy routes along the gently sloping floodplain towpath along the once commercially famous Erie Canal.  The downhill skiing and snow boarding during the wintertime at Boston Mills / Brandywine provides exhilarating outdoor exercise for the whole family and is only fifteen minutes away.  Cross-Country Skiing in much of the parkland areas offers the runner continuous aerobic improvement despite the snow-covered part the year. 

The kids love any gadget with buttons, and my son is fascinated that a GPS running watch will track speeds up to 450 miles per hour.  He even wears it while performing aerial maneuvers off the jumps on the ski hills.  My wife loves the affordability and simplicity of a pedometer and strapless heart rate monitor (just touch two contacts with index and middle fingers) and wonders why anyone would want to strap 4 or more electronic components to their body (like me :).

And me?  After salivating for 2 months upon learning if its introduction, I've just gotten my hands on a shipment of the new T5J985 Trail Runner and am busily strapping on the numerous components, fidgeting with dozens of options, and figuring out if my heart rate was one beat slower and my time a second faster than yesterday at mile post 18 on the towpath etc., etc. !!!

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Speed and Distance, Heart Rate, Altitude Gain and Loss, shockproof design. . .
. . . the Timex Trail Runner is the newest Timex Bodylink T5J985.



trail runner by timex