My boss is always finding fault with me.

If he were a good pitcher, we would win this game.

Godwin's law teaches us that any infinite discussion about an arbitrary subject converges to a Nazi comparison.

Louie might go to Boston.


Pain is weakness leaving the body.

What would you like to order?

It is quite natural that he should be angry.

Hilda is slouched down on the floor.

There was ice cream in the fridge.


Jason has what he wants.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.

Haven't you figured it out yet?


I know something really fun we can do tomorrow.

Did you hear about him?

I was unable to finish my homework.


That's a photo of my sister.

Let it go to voicemail.

I need them on my team.

The bus stopped sharply.

The mall is deserted.

A travel agent will arrange an excursion to Andalusia for you.

I thought you jury-rigged something.

Let me know the next time you will visit, so I can make some cookies, tea and coffee.

Only a miracle may get him out of it.


Life is as a box of matches. Treating it cautiously is foolish, not treating it cautiously is dangerous.

This is not a dating website.

We've made way too many mistakes.

I'm ashamed of my body.

You've lived a charmed life, Niall.

Mommy, I have a tummy ache.

I'm very glad to see you again.

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The Mongolian army approached the city.

Why don't you give her a call?

Susanne wants to pay back the money he owes.


Tell me you weren't thinking the same thing.

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Do you believe me now?

His biceps are very big.

I want to help Native Americans to preserve their languages.

Now do you see?

He looked me straight in the eyes.

Mr. Smith went out to get lunch.

I need them to see this.

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I was just wondering why you haven't yet turned in your homework assignment.

They want to talk about religion.

I can no more speak French than you can speak English.

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They not only washed off the sweat, dirt and cares of the day in the hot water, but also enjoyed gossiping about everyday affairs.


Did you win the case?

You didn't arrest me because you don't have evidence.

I came to talk to Hillary about Magnus.


Carol didn't mean to tell Brian the secret, but he did.


I love goat cheese.


Alvin seems lonely.

He will be sleeping when you get to his house.

She's in fantastic shape.

Holly resigned because they refused to give him a raise.

The world is very small.


Charles asked Jeany to buy a box of laundry detergent.


The car is old but in good condition.

I don't have all the answers.

There's a book on my desk.


That's not such a bad idea.

Be sure to fill out the registration form in person.

The event starts at 10am.

A mission called GRACE has a satellite that orbits Earth and maps the gravity across the surface.

I should've been more careful.

Hey, what do you think you're doing?

Wait, you guys.


When did man start to use tools?


I'll watch your back.


It depends on the strength of the flame, the pan used and the type of ingredients.

She died yesterday.

The days are getting longer.


The diplomats are in a precarious position.

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Bert owns a car.

You can go there if you want to.

Hotta wished he had had the courage to jump into the river and save the baby that had fallen in.

It's actually kind of pretty.

Please heat the water.

I'll take them with me, OK?

If I could've prevented this, I would've.


Many leaders supported the compromise.

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It's a good idea to bring nail scissors.


How sad that girl looks!

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She unbraided her hair.

I don't remember how the story ended.

I may be homeless, but I'm not stupid.

She is fighting for the liberation of the oppressed natives.

Shall we sit here?

Stuart doesn't understand we're all just God in disguise.

I cannot sell this car. I still need it.

Both Teresa and Stefan are dog owners.

You'd better watch her.


The sky today is the bluest that I've ever seen it.

These shoes are too small for me to put on.

That was absolutely awesome!


To avoid confusion, the teams wore different colors.


Why not?


What if I'm right?

In 1779, Spain entered the war against the British.

I began living by myself.


That would've been awful.

We are not here to have fun.

The children are moving their toothbrushes as if they are cleaning their teeth, but they can't fool me.

Kent hasn't missed a single class.

I'm sure Frank doesn't think that.

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I fed the dog about an hour ago.


He had an accident while working.

He is six feet in height.

We are running at the same time.

I had to stay in bed for a while.

It was such a nice day.

Please don't leave me.

Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.

She went in for the audition last week.

The result of my exams was not what I had expected.

Mr. Wang, what kind of business are you engaged in?

I won't leave you behind.


The burglar broke in through the window.


What conclusions did they come to?

Never identify opinions with facts.

Sofia said he wouldn't stay here with me.

We all knew Arthur wasn't bluffing.

The sun went behind the clouds.

I blush to think of what a fool I was then.

I told them what happened.

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Dalton is not a cat person.

Ernst doesn't need to say anything.

I will tie a rope round your waist, so that I may be able to pull you up again when you call.

First, I can't go. Second, I wouldn't go even if I could.

I didn't need to go to Boston.


So what do you want to know?


Daniel said he saw a shark the other day when he was swimming.

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Do you know a good apartment?

I haven't called Vijay yet.

You let me down with your refusal.

We're lost, aren't we?

That's not what I've heard.


He is my neighbor, but I don't know him well.

Would you like to meet somewhere tomorrow?

To our relief, he came back safe and sound.


Let's give them some privacy.

The poor girl made a living by selling flowers.

Just shut up for a minute, and I'll explain what happened.

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I will never throw away my Playstation.


Translating is a great pleasure for me. I wouldn't do it otherwise.

Josh is good at this sort of thing.

All the nurses of this hospital are very kind.

I need to go buy the medication Isaac needs.

Every pupil was asked one question.

What are you crying about, sweetheart?

Please call me at eight tomorrow morning.

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I think I've found what we've been looking for.

You should take advantage of this chance.

The caterpillar turned into a butterfly.


She is a kind and holy woman.