Glen certainly is skinny.

He went away from home three years ago, and has never been heard of since.

Those is used to dealing with this kind of problem.

Suresh tightened his grip on the bat.

You broke your arm.

Has Trying been drinking today?

Elric won't be happy here without Anderson.

When he said "water," she gave him water.


He sacrificed his outstanding career to retain his dignity.

In London, quite a few musicals and plays are presented at the theaters every night.

You have more energy than I.

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There's no shame in losing to such a great player.

Should we try again?

I have her here with me.

Everything is going very well.

Where's a mirror?

Each cat has its own personality.

I can say for certain that my mother's cooking is by no means skillful. I prefer food that is actually properly seasoned, like my wife's. Nevertheless, I want my mother to teach me how to cook. It's her flavors that I've tasted since childhood, you see.

Spudboy is, without question, the best man for the job.

I met your brother in the street by chance.

I need to give this package to Jeannie.

Have you ever taken a shower in the middle of the night?

He might have written many of his plays.

I wouldn't have been able to do that without your help.

Everyone speaks highly of him.

He values honor above anything else.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be; / For loan oft loses both itself and friend, / And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.

They bought cars and jewelry.

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She left school two years ago.

We went on a long walk together.

My mother looks after the plants well.


Let's see how things work out.


I have a right to know.


Where do Travis and Vicki live?

Michael wanted a pedicure.

What time do you do your homework?


Will newspapers be able to survive?

How horrible, fantastic, incredible it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a far away country between people of whom we know nothing.

Malaclypse has three young children.

Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops.

May I speak to Loyd?

I'm right here, aren't I?

What were you telling him?


In truth, a man who renders everyone their due because he fears the gallows, acts under the sway and compulsion of others, and cannot be called just. But a man who does the same from a knowledge of the true reason for laws and their necessity, acts from a firm purpose and of his own accord, and is therefore properly called just.

Honestly, I've only had one advantage over most of the others, and that is that I've been good in constantly improving myself.

I don't even know them.

Let's go see how Jelske is doing.

You have a beautiful name.


Dan left his daughter Linda with Matt.


I know you're richer than me.


Everything has got its time.

You're gross.

Pam seemed pretty upset about it.


They tried to put us out of business.


The old man was sitting with his arms folded.

I can't just let them kill me.

Juan said that he wanted to move to Boston because that's where Marion lives.

The largest part of my life is already gone.

Clara reached into his pocket for his keys.

Where's the rest of my money?

Gabriel isn't quite ready to do what you're asking him to do.

I'm sorry, Clem, I can't do that.

Mitchell is very gullible.

That's what they're looking for.

Will your friends be seeing you off at the airport?

We're going to be late for the game.

I fucking don't know how to translate this sentence, translate it yourself, everybody deal with their own shit.


I don't want to learn words without context.


They just stared at him.

You should call Brandi right now.

"What did you say?" "Nothing. I was just talking to myself."

Let me talk.

We ordered French fries and soft drinks.

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For some reason the microphone wasn't working until now.

Mr Robinson didn't write the novel.

I love travel but I can't, because I don't have any money.

If the cedars have caught fire what will the hyssops that grow out of the wall say?

Lars sang pretty well.

You don't have to be here.

I hope you and Cyrus won't be too disappointed.

Please tell me the reason that you were late.

Liza and Marco have no financial problems.


What time does it open?

Let's take it apart.

We went shopping.


She went upstairs to her room.

Why do so many people suffer from low self-esteem?

Vick is a heavy sleeper.

Markku tried to put a spoke in Sumitro's wheel.

Besides, by contributing, not only will you be helpful to the rest of the world, but you will also get to learn a lot.


The tarantula seized its victim very quickly.


He is a scholar rather than a teacher.

What's the point of your question?

We needn't have called the doctor.

There used to be a green field here; now there's a supermarket.

Would you please air the room while I'm out?

I'd like to get to know you better.

This dog saved that little girl's life.

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Margie is a very imaginative writer.


The construction of a highway will contribute to the growth of the suburbs.

Beverly asked Shuvra's advice about the problem.

I'm the one who gave Meehan that scarf.

Not bad. I can earn a good enough living.

Will you stay at home tonight?

Eugene told me he came from a large family.

I thought that was my job.

I don't think you have all the facts.

I ate breakfast on my balcony.


You were shy.

Wine is a poem in a bottle.

Kristi doesn't have to know about it.


I think that's hogwash.

It seems downright impossible.

Italian wedding soup is a savory broth with green vegetables and little meatballs. Sometimes it also contains a variety of small pasta.

Now, you have to choose: either me or Tatoeba.

I hate it when I dream things that contradict what I feel when awake.

I told you it was too soon.

Thierry wouldn't change his mind.

That is a good policy.

Knudsen sang in a soft voice.

I don't like high-heeled shoes.

I wish they'd play this song over and over again.



That's not what I came here for.

I'm trying to reach them.

All right, I will do it again.

Your feelings are important.

I really don't want to clean my room.

Lynn arrived three minutes early.

They came at our home unawares, as if from nowhere.

I had to tell him that myself.

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Talking about films, why don't we go to the cinema tonight?

I want to know you.

The lake was bound in ice.


It's all Brandy's.

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Put your toys back into the box and then put the box on the shelf.

Don't feel so down. Go have something tasty and cheer up.

It's only a short way, so you can walk there in a few minutes.

You'll have to speak up.

Benjamin is really skinny, isn't he?

She just started dating someone.

The boy was anxious for a new bicycle.

I was expecting the worst.

In spite of all the cooking shows I've watched, I'm still no good in the kitchen.


Do you want to see her very much?

What time is Brenda getting here?

The sun at last broke through about noon.

No-frills airlines have a bad reputation.

Come on down here.


It's a series of tubes.

Don't put bell peppers in the bento.

I sometimes suffer from pain in my lower back.

My knife has gotten dull.

I've just washed the dishes.

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I found a nice tie for her.


Don't bother to call me.

She is fair, fat and forty.

Let's play a word game.

I asked Devon to help me clean up after the party.

The plan is working perfectly.

I don't have time to talk with you anymore.

I'm looking forward to meeting Plastic again.

I think that I didn't do anything wrong.

I had nothing to say to her.


It still isn't over.

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Pia walked Jason to her car.