Would you like to turn it down a little?

Why are you dressed up like a clown?


I haven't played my guitar in a while.

Sassan thinks I should retire.

Tracy says it's a possibility.

Masanobu is an excellent cook.

We had a casual meeting on the crowded street.

The ship was flying the American flag.

That story is far fetched.

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I think my leg's broken.

I'm pretty sure Shel understands French.

What would happen if you didn't go to school tomorrow?

I think it's very good.

My parents don't speak Dutch.


Dan was kidnapped when he was just five.

Do you have any experience?

I forgot the can opener and could not open the can of sardines.


Is it June already?

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They're having a really good time.

He seems to have something on his mind.

The sewage pipe is obstructed.

I'm afraid I don't understand what you're saying.

I don't know if it's true or not.

What else did you miss?

You are going to be OK.

Millions of people lost all their savings.

We disturbed him.

Moe said that he was planning to eat the whole watermelon by himself.

Thirteen firefighters were injured.

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He just wants my attention.

Call me whenever you want.

Jerry had to wait for Nicolas.


I don't recognize any of the people in the picture.

I was never a believer of Christianity.

We are truly pleased.


She is behind in her rent.

Would you sign here?

Get out of my face.

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When did Vicky wake up?

Did you accompany Peter to Munich?

Pua sang at church.


If you want to stay healthy, don't heed the advice of a blogger.

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The President offered a new plan.


How was the pie?


They knocked my books out of my hands.

He works on Wall Street.

Leif seems to be the only one who isn't here.

Ian isn't all that conservative.

Sandra might be able to get you what you want.

Heinrich sensed somebody was watching him.

I named my dog Cookie.

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Do you have any rock CDs?

I named my daughter Nairu wishing her long life.

I'm not boycotting you.

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Pioneer 11 flew past Saturn and its moon Titan in 1979 during which the first close-up images of that planet and its rings were radioed to Earth.


There have been a lot of complaints about the way Chris behaves.

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What makes you think I'll like it?

Vicky doesn't have any common sense.

It's important for us to be thoughtful of others.


You shouldn't stay up so late at night.

I looked in my closet for something to wear, but couldn't find anything appropriate for the occasion.

He was laughed at by all the people present.

We're not that close.

It could be just right for a warm up.

Part walked down the dark hallway.

Nice to see you again!

The yacht sailed around a buoy.

Thanks for the suggestions.

If you are really 16, think hard about it!

I hope you don't mind walking.

You've taken everything.

The wind was howling.

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Alex clicked a button on his remote, but nothing happened.

Turn the TV down, please.

The Golden Gate Bridge is in San Francisco.

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Running is good for the health.

The truth is always obvious in hindsight.

Don't call him that.

I sent an email to Izchak.

I can never get Nina on the phone.

What're you guys planning on doing later?

This house is about the same size as Peter's.

Where's your captain?

If you want to travel to a store located 10 km from your house, and you drive at 50 km/h, it would take you 12 minutes to get there.


You can't rely on what was said before an election really mattering after the election.

They worked hard from morning till night.

He competes in ski races.

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I think you should still ask Maarten.

Have a pleasant journey.

I am sorry to have kept you waiting so long.

I want to live in the country.

They were listening to him, not understanding what he really meant.


If you invited him, he might come.

I'll write you or call you next week.

The French president is scheduled to visit Japan next month.

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I had a lot of pillow fights during my school trip.


We've talked to them.


I won't let them interfere.

I wish you could've seen the stars last night.

Geoff has been away.

I'm no industrial tycoon.

She carried on talking in spite of the loud noise.


She would rather go by train than by plane.

Young parents often indulge their children.

Who benefits from this?

Let this little book be thy friend, if, owing to fortune or through thine own fault, thou canst not find a dearer companion.

Job security is a priority over wages.

He shaves his legs.

Tandy walked back upstairs.

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Isaac knows some of Axel's friends.


That must be the city hall.

Did you love her?

He denies that he did that.

I really want to know her name.

Where did you put my keys?

I've come to take you home.

Neil is going to sit here.

You are all our guests tonight.

There's a laundromat in the basement of our apartment building.


I hope to see you sometime.

Joachim almost got fired.

I go swimming every chance I get.


Enjoy the weekend.

Marie gained weight.

Sergei is a little bit mad, but we like him the way he is.

What makes you think I'm going to follow Anatoly?

The artistic beauty of the garden is really breathtaking.

Bring a couple more chairs.

I have to talk with her about the new plan.

The teacher told Rajeev that he couldn't give him anything higher than a C.

He doesn't screw anything up.

I barely had time to think about it.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams adopted a child whose parents were dead.


I'm sorry, that'll never happen again.

The plan is immature.

She brings her children to the swimming pool on Saturdays.


She cut the apple in half.


Ken is an eager student.

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Having much to do, I felt depressed.

Let's hear a story of his travels.

He brought her flowers.

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Diane said he wanted to take an afternoon nap.


He has two boys and a girl.


Kenji abandoned his hope of becoming a doctor.

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I'm not moving to Boston.


A small spark often ignites a big flame.

Nathaniel held onto the rope.

That guy's a friend of mine.

You've seen this before, I can tell.

I asked him if you will come with me, but he didn't even answer.

Your death is my life.

Trey can sing better than anybody else I know.

Butler seems to be in a fairly bad mood now.

The bowling shop's opening ceremony was boring.

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When are you going to tell Leila about Tommy?

I have to brush my hat.

It is a prevalent belief, according to a nationwide poll in the United States, that Muslims are linked with terrorism.

You cannot mix oil and water.

Help yourself to the strawberry jam.