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Emily wished Jeannie could stay longer.

You, too, can achieve success if you try.

We are slaves of what does not make us happy.

The girl entered the room.

How do you know the same thing won't happen again?

Who else was there?

He called me out.


The comparison with the Procrustes's bed is suitable.

We were truly surprised.

They have to study hard for the math test.

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I doubt which sentence is grammatically correct.


It's troublesome that Internet Explorer's stop icon looks like a shiitake mushroom.

I dunno if it's a bug or what, but this software doesn't work right.

This is the house where my father was born and brought up.

They would prefer that we wait.

He showered her with expensive gifts.

Hurf wrote something in his notebook.

The victory comes right away if force covers.

Does globalisation mean the disappearance of local sluts?

I warmed up beside the fire.

I never found the answer to that.

Where does this self-confidence come from?

Adam could've changed.

She is about to leave.

Everybody loves me.

You go to school.

I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!

I don't want them to hear.

Do you know what I see here?

It's not crowded at all today. This is the least crowded time of all.


In Japan, only women are entitled to take the national obstetrics exam.

How many times have you done this puzzle already?

Gretchen wears his heart on his sleeve.

We sail tomorrow.

Marla pulled out a pen.

Was Jimmy at home?

Let's hope Slartibartfast doesn't try to do that without some help.

She is a bigot.

We need some formal instruction in literature.

I have a passion for stones.

The man looked at me.

We're not as young as we used to be.

Here once stood a hotel that claimed the world's freshest towels. The place shut down after they were all stolen.

Lindsey passed out because of the heat.

Lars wants to breastfeed her baby, but she's not making enough milk.

He will come in a moment.

Don't go beyond the speed limit.

Is there any place that could help me even slightly?

We only have three days left.

I wish I could figure out how to convince Scot to help us.

Did you have a lot of happy experiences in your childhood?

I've got her working on it.

She couldn't imagine herself in the same job in ten years.

I charged them too much money for their room.

I found that very odd.

He was ill, but today he's all right.

He nearly killed both of them!

Just talk to me a minute.

Rik won't reconsider.

I pass by Jon's house on my way to and from school.

Barrio taught his son how to ride a bicycle.


Louis Armstrong was an American musician.


Hamilton protested against British rule.

I haven't finished my lunch.

Don't you remember where you put it?

The problem was so difficult that I could not solve it.

All I want is to be with my family.

Marlena is very thorough, isn't he?

Please bring me some medicine for airsickness.

Duke is connecting his phone to the Internet.

Can you give me a cup of tea?

Bart says he doesn't want to live like this anymore.

She squished a cockroach.

Venkata went back to his bedroom.

There is no one to greet me.

They will die.

Some of us have gone two days without a sleep.

Shawn came to Boston with me.

Everyone, say cheese.


I never got good grades in junior high school.

I need to know more about you.

You'd better take him home.

The daily life can be busy, hectic and sometimes overwhelming.

Can't you do something to help me?

My leg is broken. I can't move.

I looked her straight in the eye.


Do you know what Boyce's secret is?

You had better cut down your living expenses.

Maybe you should turn off the television and do something else.

I'm pleased to hear that.

He was struck with polio when he was five.


I'm still having the same dream about drowning.

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I'm scared of cats.

I've been dying to see her.

Why do you want me to go see Juha?

Connie had been knitting for an hour when I called.

It snowed yesterday.

The man lives from hand to mouth and never saves a cent.

My laptop has been stolen.

Why do you want to go fishing?

Madagascar is called "Madagasikara" in Malagasy.

This wine is inferior to that in its bouquet.

The hotel stands on a hill.

How smart!

When you leave the meeting room, please, switch off the light.

Thank you for listening.

Bring her here.

No way!

We have less than three minutes left.

That's dumb.

She is being quiet for the moment.

I think it's time for you to start helping out around here.

Johann is in his room now.


Did you notice any change?

Do everything at your own risk.

Get back out here.


The world economy will not recover anytime soon.

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Your papers, travellers!


Needless to say, he could not get the prize.

Whether happiness is the supreme value or not, it is earnestly desired by man.

Are you sure you don't want to drive?

He knows how to dance the tango.

I have never met Maria.

There are many different strategies we could try.

That car over there is mine.

Bernie was surprised by what he found.

He's the captain of a team.


I had to trust them.


It takes one year for the earth to orbit around the sun.

She was a real ugly duckling as a kid.

I walked around in the field.

Gerard doesn't seem to understand what's happening.

What is Daith Piercing?

You don't live in a country; you live in a language. Your homeland, that's that and nothing else.

Put the book on the bottom shelf.


It's such a waste of time.

Why are women such bothersome creatures?

How many strokes does the kanji for "michi" have?

We don't have it.

They are generous with their money.


You deserve congratulations.

Rahul was the only one there for me when I really needed someone.

Frederic doesn't have a good memory.


Why did you park here?

He studied law at Yale University.

Now go brush your teeth.


She always expects me to help her.

I assume you know about Ofer's problem.

Reid didn't object.


It's raining here.

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I leave this afternoon.

Have you ever met him?

He came home when were about to head out.

This hotel is far from deserving the four stars the guidebook gives it.

The army decided to clone hundreds of copies of the handsome, athletic man.

Bonnie told us why.

Could you please put that somewhere else?

It's the story of a boy, a girl, and a cat.

You aren't our friend.

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I can deal with him.


The horse rose on its hind legs.


Do you really want to send Ernst flowers?


He made a desk and two benches for us.


That's the real reason.

I like to eat Korean food.

As far as I know, she is a kind girl.


I couldn't wake you up.

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I've reconsidered it.

I would die for them.

Lack of sleep can have an enormous negative impact on a student's grades.