She's not coming back.

He behaves in a very strange fashion.

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During the bubble, people dreamt of a life of leisure.

Oh, don't worry.

Are you singing to my girlfriend?


Ann has no sister.

Irwin died three weeks ago after being bitten by a cobra.

Return to your work.

She also writes about loss and trauma.

He is free to go there.

As the orchestra in the space hotel's ballroom played on, dancers from various worlds swayed gaily about.

Celia gave me a few dollars.

That would mean a lot to me.

We only won one game.


Look out for them.

I'm a genius.

Come what may, I will never leave you.

Steal the money.

I want to know as soon as anything happens.

Sometimes I can't help showing emotions.

He's a weak-willed man.

Honzo jumped over the fence.

We'll go now if you're ready.


Knapper was sad and lonely.

I tried one on.

There's no other answer.

I don't know why I'm scared.

What's Sonja supposed to say?

Where do the batteries go?

John hung his hopes on his son.

Don't leave me again, please.

I reserve the right to be wrong.

Oh, sure, I studied English in my school days. But it wasn't until two or three years ago that I really started taking it seriously.

Where's the new kid?

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The boy pressed his face against the shop window.

You look ugly.

It's really bothering me.

My father is going to go abroad next week.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

I think we'll all feel better once we get something to eat.

It's not very windy today.

Kenton woke up to the smell of bacon cooking.

Norman and I didn't speak to each other for three years.

Suu likes word games.

Agriculture was developed more than 10,000 years ago.

We like nobody and nobody likes us.

I like to dream.

The brightness of her smile always makes me feel better.

Alain and Sandy hate each other.

What caused these injuries?

Dick wasn't scared of anything.

That's my favorite blue shirt.

Wilmer was disappointed in Leigh's performance.

Nikolai is studying right now.

Hey, get your hands off me.


You must appropriately review the outcome of your bargain.

Kevin decided not to buy the car he was looking at yesterday.

Carlos is allergic to monosodium glutamate.


Ram might still be in Boston.


I haven't the slightest idea.

I was asked to fix the bicycle.

My resolution was shaken when I heard about it.

He went again.

You leave because of me.

The bottle smashed to pieces.

Do the unexpected.


I'll take that chance.


You're going to be in trouble and it's my fault.

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There will be no school a week from today.

Danielle knew better than to say such a thing to Casper.

Are you both crazy?

Toby moved to Boston a long time ago.

Let's go have a drink.

That's not what they're going to talk about.

When asked what learning was the most necessary, he said, "Not to unlearn what you have learned."

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The detective surprised the truth from the waitress.

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That was significant.

Eye witnesses saw Rajesh walking south on Park Street just after the bombing.

How many different ways do you know how to cook eggs?

You'll find out that at the end of the program.

Why didn't you tell me this before?


Casey has three kids now.

Honey is sweet, but the bee stings.

She showered abuse on me.


We need to take Matthias to the hospital.

You're incredibly naive.

My cousin is four years old, but she eats as much as I do.

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Vic knew what was about to happen.

How can there be a traffic jam now, as late as 6 o'clock?

That's worth remembering.


Kari took the axe and went to chop down some trees in the forest; because he wanted to build a new barrier.

Ric invited Kylo to supper.

He loses his temper so easily that everybody avoids him.

Fish live in water.

I am exhausted.

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I need you to back me up.


He is respected by his friends.


I suppose Mikey is still alive.

Most of us don't like public speaking.

I'm sorry, there's nothing more I can do for you.


That is strictly forbidden.

I wondered why Miriam didn't seem to enjoy fishing with us.

I need to take your pulse.

What's your favorite soccer team?

The cost of fixing the broken window is coming out of your paycheck.

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She never wrote him back.


I lost almost all my money.

I have to get out of this mess.

I knew exactly what was happening.


Rakhal poured himself another glass.

Why don't you come to my house one of these days?

This is something I made for Dirk.

Can I sleep out?

That has something to do with this problem.


He wrote a fine description of what happened there.

Callous, unemotional children can sometimes become adult sociopaths.

Why did Louiqa call you?

Lead your friend to me!

I think I'm going to throw up.


He mustered up his courage to talk to a foreigner.

Are you going to vote in the upcoming election?

He was big and shaggy.

I swore I'd never tell anyone.

How many official languages does Switzerland have?


I wish that Vladislav were here to help us.

Why don't you just be quiet?

Narendra wrote on the ground with a stick.

Belinda blamed Owen.

Give me your word you'll take care of Joseph.

Deeply moved, he tried to express his thanks.

We'll be at home today.


Thanks for all your great photos!

Control yourself. Don't get excited.

Be nicer to your brother.

I want to watch you suffer.

Let's have one of those boxed lunches they sell at train stations.

Jason will be angry since we didn't stay in our rooms like he told us to.

We don't want anybody to find out.

The concept of God is a fantasy, created to placate our ignorance about our own existence.

You can have it for nothing.

Trying deleted Julia's email message.

Does anybody remember Mongo?


Let's go to the waterpark.


Do I look like I'm kidding?

This country was subject to a neighboring country.

Charlene made the football team.


Are you going to buy that or not?

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That boy is completely crazy. He doesn't follow any of the rules.

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I thought you wanted to call your wife.

You can say what you like.

They're going crazy.


I'm staying with Part.

Do you really want to live forever?

More play will mean less time to study.

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Wasn't Nichael here with you?

You pay 10,000 yen a month as an insurance premium.

I can sleep on the sofa.

The mass used to be said in Latin.

My business here is done.

If you want to really improve your French, you should move to a country where it's spoken.

It was no big deal, really.

There's nothing nefarious going on here.

I will do all I can for you.

This TV show is catching on now.

If you set out early, you'll be in time for the train.