We're fine on our own.

Try to have a good day.

Everyone left us alone.

"You're Mr. Ogawa, aren't you?" "Yes, I am. How can I help you?"


Shirley isn't listed.

"I don't understand Christmas, " said Charlie Brown.

Ron had to carry all three suitcases.

Aaron released all the lions of the zoo.

I'm sure Woody will forgive you.

Fame and success don't always walk hand in hand.

I wish you could've met Mahesh when you were in Boston.


My brother is not satisfied with his new car.

Sometimes, I think Piet isn't listening to me.

Helge will carry you.

I'm positive Ramesh was the one who stole my watch.

It rained last week.


Why did it have to be her?

Johan might be able to help you.

Your French is perfect.

That's why I'm telling you that you don't have to go there alone.

He was as drunk as a lord.

Socorrito couldn't be saved.

We told everyone that we were moving to Boston.

I'll tell them.

Today I'm all out of ideas.


Dieter is the only person I've ever really hated.

Ability is the only factor considered in promoting employees.

Rajendra burned himself badly.

Rafik won't come in.

They took my ring.

We do know what to expect.

Little girls like playing with dolls.

Fuckin' slow-ass computer. Fuck this! I ain't doin' shit anymore.

Do we have it in us?

She will be a beauty when she grows up.

You cooked the steak just the way I like it.

His company did cheaply produced pornography and schlock films.

My dad is the best dad in the world.

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She showed her courage in the face of danger.

She is attached to the general affairs section.

Jagath successfully carried the state with nearly sixty percent of the total statewide vote.

Jack disappeared from view in the crowd.

We went from France to Spain by crossing the Pyrenees.

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I did that work on the orders of my boss.

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This person doesn't live here.


I met a young man whose name was Narendra.

I love this group.

I like to play guitar.

We have a reservation.

You look like your dad.

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Can I buy tickets on the day of the tour?

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Terrence told the children that they could stay here in the room if they didn't make any noise.

Tal announced to Oliver that he would soon have a new brother.

Presley was scared of something.

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Tony can play tennis very well.

You cannot make omelets without breaking eggs.

I will get my brother to carry your bag for you.

You should always plan for the worst-case scenario.

We can talk on the way.

Horst is very strict.

I didn't give them anything.

I'd like to meet Barney someday.

We're pretty busy ourselves.


At what time will you be able to be there?

It was determined that faulty wiring was the cause of the fire.

I've looked throughout the house.

He's supporting you voluntarily.

She has faith in me.

Nicolo just showed up.

He can compress the most words into the smallest ideas of any man I ever met.

Where is your friend from?

He is proud of being a good speaker of English.

The Russian corpus is growing quickly.

Keep sight of the flag.


She did it in her own way.

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The doctor bandaged the boy's injured leg.

He is an honest man and will always remain so.

The company aims to branch out into China.


Say what you will; I won't change my mind.

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You must be busy.

Sodium hydroxide is used in making soaps.

We can't afford to buy all the things we want.


Martin communicates extremely well.

Is anyone around?

Tulips will be in flower soon.

She had a near-death experience.

He asserted that he was innocent.

This implies a fun and relaxed working atmosphere where team achievement is highly valued, communication is extremely important and traditional 3-hour meetings have been replaced by informal chats in the queue for coffee.

To rob Peter to pay Paul

Did you get her phone number?

You mustn't keep a lady waiting.

I have got a lot of CDs.

I have to find out what's going to happen.


She doesn't understand the risks.

I want to know what's going on here.

Bertrand didn't exactly say no.


I think Bea's cheating.

I told them we would help them.

My neighbors are hogging the laundry room in my apartment building again.

Lars is in pretty good shape.

Drinking and driving can be dangerous.

Does any other country fan the flames of patriotism as much as the United States?

Didn't you know?

My brother wore his shirt inside out.

She speaks not only German and French, but English as well.

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That woman who picked a fight with me was being very disrespectful.

Susan has promised her mother that she will call her to let her know that they have arrived safely.

Each member has to pay 10,000 yen a month.

The end is the beginning of the impossible.

Tait knows there won't be much he'll be able to do about it.

I am determined to make a living as a playwright at all costs.

Why did you invite Darin to dinner?


Kris should be OK.

We need to take them home.

Marian pulled out of the parking lot.


He saluted the lady.

Now stand still.

We're classmates.

If I weren't broke, I'd buy it.

He's like a brother to me: the uncle's cousin's nephew of a friend of mine.

I want my parents not to worry.

I tend to catch colds.


Why are they teaching this in schools?

Hello! My name is Nicholas Unless-Jesus-Christ-Had-Died-For-Thee-Thou-Hadst-Been-Damned Barbon.

I designed it.

He actually hurt himself.

I don't know why you want me to do this.

What can be found beyond the end of the universe?

If you don't tell Kelly what happened, I will.

I thought you said it wasn't contagious.

What's your last name, Mick?

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That isn't good enough for me.

The people here are particular about what they eat, so even if a restaurant is inexpensive, it'll soon go out of business if the food doesn't taste good.

Do you agree about that?

She seemed to take it for granted that he should go his own way.

I'm sorry I yelled at her.


I think it's time for me to say what I really think.

I've always believed in and insisted on this.

You can't bend me to your will.

There's a double standard.

I can explain why I needed it.

He cannot drive without eyeglasses.

She won't let you leave.

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The pot can't call the kettle black.


I'm not always so lenient.

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Have you noticed blood in your urine before?

I have a cough.

This is the only way I can think to do this.

Can it be repaired?

Kaj was killed to death.

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Tammy was always in charge.


She's shorter than I am.

St Peter's is in Rome and St Paul is in London.

Mikael did a lot of things right.


A strange man threatened her with a knife.

She said that John must be very glad to hear the news.

What gate number does the bus leave from?

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I'm thinking of going to Paris.


I want to become better at playing baseball.

Why do you even ask?

Is this something you want?

He keeps company with a foreign student.

He said: "C'est la vie"!

Developing countries suffer from difficulties of fiscal problems.

Our savings dwindled to just a few hundred dollars.

Dan was amazed by Linda's transformation.

You may as well burn your money as spend it on lottery tickets.